Return Home

We will return home earlier than expected today maybe as early as 1 pm.  I will keep you posted.

Here are some pictures from yeaterday.



We arrived safely in Columbus, Ohio, earlier this morning. We had lunch and time in the water park. Now we are at the zoo.  Soon we’ll head to old spaghetti warehouse for dinner. Today has been a busy day with travel and fun so I haven’t had much time to post. Rest of sure that everyone is doing very well and enjoying themselves. I’ll post some pictures. I’ll try to post later if I have time. I’ll definitely provide updates tomorrow as the day progresses.


Wednesday’s Service

We had a great day yesterday.  We spent most of the day at our service sites.  We attended worship at New Covenant Baptist Church for our evening activity.  Our church group sang “A Mighty Fortress” for the congregation…not very well but we did it!

We are headed out to our last day of service here.  Everyone is doing well…maybe a bit tired but it isn’t slowing us down!


Service, Ice Cream, and More

Yesterday we continued at our service sites.  I’ve heard so many positive comments about the ways in which our youth are serving.  We have good reason to be very proud of them.

We had a 2 part evening activity.  The first part was a talk given by Rev. Watts, a local pastor who discussed West Virginia history and the history of Charleston in particular.  It was very good.  We’ve experienced people as being very proud of their state.  Following the talk we went downtown to see the state capitol building and to have ice cream at a shop that sells homemade ice cram.  We never made it to the capitol building but we enjoyed the ice cream!  We are going to try to go there another day.

Today calls for more service and then worship this evening with a Baptist congregation.

Everyone is doing very well.  We went to bed a bit earlier last night so we wouldn’t be so tired today.  The boys are asleep five minutes after lights out.      I don’t think it is working quite the same for the girls.

We’ve been terrible about taking pictures, in fact Mary Ann Parker has been the only person taking any.  Her group has more from the other church than ours.  I’ll try to take some today.  

I’m happy to post what she took yesterday with just a couple from Karen.  

Please keep us in your prayers for another rewarding and fun filled day. 


Ready for Tuesday

We had a great day yesterday.  We had groups that served at several nursing homes, at an amazing elementary school (they have year round school here so the new school year starts tomorrow), at a thrift shop, at an after school program, and a few other places.

The church where we are staying did a really fun experience teaching about West Virginia, even getting a personalized video greeting from actress Jennifer Garner, a Charleston native.

As usual, not a lot of time to post or organize photos but I’ll share what I have.


Off to a Great Start

We had a great day yesterday.  Lunch at Schmidt’s was fantastic.  We had short visits to Trinity Lutheran Seminary and Capital University, both ELCA places of higher learning.  The drive to Charleston was easy. 

We have had breakfast this morning, are doing individual devotions (well, everyone but me), and will head out to our first day of service before 9 am.  There are a wide variety of places we will be serving from sports camp for children to assisted living facilities.   I’ll tell you more about those tomorrow after I’ve heard back from students how things went today and what they actually did.

I am so proud of our students.  They have already shown how they are leaders.  They are also doing what they are supposed to.  It’s so nice to not have to worry about whether they will do what they are supposed to and just join with them in a great experience.

Here are some pictures from yesterday and this morning.