When Your Teen Returns Home

Dear parents (and everyone else) eagerly anticipating your teenager’s arrival home after serving others this week…
Thank you so much for allowing your son or daughter to participate in a Group Mission Trip!

This week was a truly life-changing experience for so many people, and we want to give you some helpful tips on how you can maximize this opportunity to connect with your teenager after a transformational experience like this.

During their mission trip, your teenager worked hard each day, doing challenging things for real people in need. It required a great deal of sweat and teamwork. They were likely stretched outside of their comfort zone and faced some challenges and frustrations, but they also experienced how to persevere against obstacles. They’ll probably have some interesting stories or “God Sightings” where amazing things happened!

Even more exciting than the work your teenager did is how God is working in them! This year’s program theme is EXTAordinary. (Based on Acts 4:13) Jesus wants teenagers to bring everything they have to give, and he takes that offering and makes it into something truly extraordinary. During the mission trip, the morning and evening programs and crew devotions centered around this theme to help your child discover the true purpose of the life they’re made to live: EXTRAordindary lives in Jesus.

But the most important part of life-change occurs when your teenager returns home and reflects on the whole experience. With that in mind, you can play an important role in helping them process their experience by engaging in meaningful conversations…ones that go beyond the grunts of “fine” and “uh-huh.”

Click here for a helpful list of tips to connect with your teenager post-mission trip, as well as 7 great conversation starters guaranteed to get help you connect and understand what kind of impact this week had on your son or daughter.

Thanks again for trusting us to speak into your child’s life and spiritual growth. We hope to see your teenager next summer!

Kami Gilmour

Family Champion, Group Missions & Lifetree; 
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